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Argao Families: The Oyangorens

The Oyangoren family is the 6th most common surname in the municipality and trails the families of Flores, Alberca, Mier, Mamac, and Fuentes
The Oyangoren family is the 6th most common surname in the municipality and trails the families of Flores, Alberca, Mier, Mamac, and Fuentes. When looking at the list of registered voters of the municipality, the Oyangorens are found in 32 of the 45 barangays of the town, with the highest concentration in Tiguib, Alambijud, and Talaytay. These numbers, of course, only reflect the total number of people with Oyangoren as a surname or as a middle name; if we include the Geleas, Amarillos, and many other families which descend from the female lines many generations ago then then family could be found in all the 45 barangays without a doubt. Obviously, the family definitely started in the southern portion of the municipality, as seen in the concentration of Oyangorens in Tiguib and its neighboring barangays.

The Oyangorens are also the family with second most number of cabezas produced in Argao's history, with Saniel having just one more cabeza than Oyangoren. It is safe to say that the family was residing in the various pockets of communities in what is now Argao when the Spaniards arrived in the area. It is also safe to assume that the family was probably descended from one of the maharlika or noble families as the senior line of the family produced an unbroken hold over one particular barangay from the 1700s until 1901. This proves the inheritance of the position from father to son (or sons) to nephews or uncles in the same line. As much as it would be nice to trace the entire Oyangoren family from a single couple the size of the family, together with the limited available records, only allows us to locate 5 main Oyangoren lines from the last quarter of the eighteenth century to the early 1800s. There are also nine other lines that have been found coming from female Oyangorens or male Oyangorens whose children were all female, thus the loss of the surname by the second generation. The person who most probably adopted the surname was Don Longino (Oyangoren), who in 1850 was the most prominent member of his extended family, being a long-time cabeza de barangay.

All people carrying the surname Oyangoren in Argao can be traced to five couples. These were Juan Oyangoren & Gervacia Llerin, who were born around the 1780s; Agustin Oyangoren & Hilaria Carbonel, both born around the early 1800s; Pedro Oyangoren & Agustina Albiso, both from the early 1800s; Gregorio Oyangoren & Estefania Llena, from the early 1800s; and finally Simon Quilaton & Maria Ulay, who were both born around the mid-1700s. Simon Quilaton appears to be the only one among these early Oyangorens who might have been born a generation earlier than the others, so most likely these people were sons or nephews of Simon Quilaton.

The other earlier lines were Agustin Lucero (Oyangoren) & Maria Fabiana (Aradillos) (c.1780s-90s) who had 2 female children; Juan Lucas (Oyangoren) & Maria Vicenta, with a daughter and a son who carried Quilaton as a last name (late 1790s); Feliciana Maria Oyangoren who married Gelacio Miguel Gelea (c. late 1790s); Guillerma Oyangoren who married Cipriano Duran (early 1800s); Juliana Oyangoren who married Carmelo Robledo (early 1800s); Marcelina Oyangoren who married Marcelino mariano Duran (early 1800s); Victoriana Oyangoren who married Juanso Saratan & Gabriel Bajenting; and Yldefonza Oyangoren who married Ceverino Mendez & Lucas Alcedo. Once again, these other Oyangorens were most likely children, grandchildren, or nephews and nieces of Simon Quilaton.
Earliest Oyangoren lines
As already noted earlier, the senior lines of the family held a hereditary (but later elective among a few people) position, that of the cabeza de barangay. The fourteen Oyangoren cabezas were led by the family of Simon Quilaton, who had five men who held the title. The earliest recorded cabeza was Don Longino Oyangoren, the grandson of Simon Quilaton. He probably succeeded to the position of cabeza of barangay #15 in the early 1800s and later passed it on to his son, Don Justiniano Oyangoren in 1866, who served for just two years. Justiniano was succeeded by his brother Don Vicente Oyangoren, who served until 1878. Vicente was followed by another brother, Crispulo, who served in 1888 and the last cabeza of barangay #15 was yet another brother, Don Eulogio Oyangoren, who served until the end of the cabeza system in 1901.

The other cabezas were Dons Pablo, Donato, Salvador, Florencio, Juan, Gutardo, Doroteo, Mateo, and Eulogio Oyangoren from the other families.

The Earliest Generations, line of Simon Quilaton (Oyangoren)

Simon Quilaton
Simon Quilaton 
Wife:  Maria Ulay
├─Agustin Javillo Oyangoren 
Wife:  Simforosa Feliciana Saquedo
├─Gregoria Oyangoren 
Husband:  Feliciano Quilaton
├─Pedro Maravilloso 
Wife:  Maria Sardoncillo
├─Maximiano Alejandro Oyangoren b. abt 1795; d. 1878
Wife:  Narcisa Mambay Magallanes
Wife:  Apolonia Cambronero d. 1876.
├─Miguel Oyangoren b. abt 1800; d. 1872;
Wife:  Vicenta Alconera d. after 1872.
├─Lorenzo Lazaro Oyangoren b. 1815;
Wife:  Serafina Sapalicia d. 1880.
Wife:  Josefa Panimbat b. abt 1810; d. 1875.
└─Juana Oyangoren d. 1879.
├─Juan Florencio Oyangoren 
Wife:  Rosa Diona
├─Longino Oyangoren 
Wife:  Dominga Gelvero
└─Vicenta Oyangoren d. 1880;
┐┐┐Husband:  Carmiano Gelboreon d. 1871.
├─Andres Santiago Albina 
Wife:  Maria Delos Angeles
├─Matea Andrea Albina m. Francisco Alejandro Camajalan 1843.
Husband:  Francisco Alejandro Camajalan d. 1880.
├─Alejandra Albina 
Husband:  Hermenegildo Calledo b. 14 April 1814;
├─Basilisa Albina d. 1868;
Husband:  Calisto FLORES
├─Domingo Albina d. 1871;
Wife:  Micaela Llimos
└─Lembania Albina d. 1876;
┐┐┐Husband:  Juan Flores b. 17 August 1804 and
└─Mateo Javillo Oyangoren b. abt 1795;
┐┐Wife:  Maria Graciosa Alconera b. abt 1795;
┐┐├─Julian Mateo Oyangoren m. Maria Simona Fuentes 1847.
┐┐Wife:  Maria Simona Fuentes
┐┐├─Ambrosia Oyangoren 
┐┐Husband:  Roque Sarte b. 17 August 1810;
┐┐├─Eustaquio Confirmacion Oyangoren m. Facunda Hilaria Sarte 1850.
┐┐Wife:  Facunda Hilaria Sarte
┐┐├─Donato Oyangoren b. 1818;
┐┐Wife:  Consolacion Langomes
┐┐├─Norverto Oyangoren b. 1827; m. Praxedes Sarte 1853.
┐┐Wife:  Praxedes Sarte b. 1832 and
┐┐└─Gregoria Oyangoren d. after 1881; m. Gregorio Matura 1859.
┐┐┐┐Husband:  Gregorio Matura d. 1881.

The Earliest Generations, line of Juan Oyangoren
Gervacia Llerin
Gervacia Llerin 
Husband:  Juan Oyangoren
├─Agapito Oyangoren 
Wife:  Asuncion Artiaga
├─Sabas Oyangoren married Nepomucena Aradillos 1885.
Wife:  Nepomucena Aradillos
└─Ciriaco Oyangoren died 1878.
├─Ynocenta Oyangoren married Gregorio Allaoan 1868.
Husband:  Gregorio Allaoan
├─Eugenio Oyangoren married Maria Daugdaug 1870.
Wife:  Maria Daugdaug
├─Geronimo Oyangoren married Antonia Fuentes 1875.
Wife:  Antonia Fuentes
├─Candelaria Oyangoren married Juan Abrigana 1878.
Husband:  Juan Abrigana born 1846 and died after 1873.
├─Leon Oyangoren married Luguarda Camellon 1862.
Wife:  Luguarda Camellon
└─Emiteria Oyangoren married Claudio Ogario 1885.
┐┐┐Husband:  Claudio Ogario
├─Magdalena Oyangoren married Isidoro Bajenting 1857.
Husband:  Isidoro Bajenting
├─Maximina Bajenting married Victoriano Maceda 1898.
Husband:  Victoriano Maceda born 1868 and
└─Benita Bajenting died 1870.
└─Gutardo Oyangoren born 1827; married Maria Bajenting 1855.
┐┐Wife:  Maria Bajenting born 1835 and
┐┐├─Quintina Oyangoren married Juan Albores 1879.
┐┐Husband:  Juan Albores
┐┐├─Teodora Oyangoren married Estanislao Bajenting 1883.
┐┐Husband:  Estanislao Bajenting
┐┐├─Alverta Oyangoren married Casiano Bajenting 1884.
┐┐Husband:  Casiano Bajenting
┐┐├─Serapia Oyangoren married Abundio Bajenting 1898.
┐┐Husband:  Abundio Bajenting
┐┐└─Juana Oyangoren married Roman Bajenting 1876.
┐┐┐┐Husband:  Roman Bajenting

The Earliest Generations, line of Agustin Oyangoren
Agustin Oyangoren died before 1868;
Agustin Oyangoren died before 1868;
Wife:  Hilaria Carbonel died 1879.
├─Andres Oyangoren 
Wife:  Maria Flores
├─Petra Oyangoren married Miguel Ordaneta 1863.
Husband:  Miguel Ordaneta born 1827 and
├─Marcos Oyangoren married Telesfora Alcoba 1876.
Wife:  Telesfora Alcoba
├─Faustino Oyangoren died 1875.
└─Mariano Oyangoren died 1880.
├─Basilio Oyangoren born 1821; married Leoncia Cartagena 1854.
Wife:  Leoncia Cartagena
└─Guillerman Oyangoren born 1833; married Julian Mariano Calledo 1855.
┐┐Husband:  Julian Mariano Calledo born 3 March 1820 and
┐┐├─Juan Calledo married Francisca Montejo 1886.
┐┐Wife:  Francisca Montejo
┐┐└─Simona Calledo married Mariano Legaspi 1885.
┐┐┐┐Husband:  Mariano Legaspi

Oyangoren Family Name Distribution in Argao (as of 2011)


  1. What is the meaning of the name "Oyangoren". I have heard that it is Basque. I have two interpretations: "own wood" and "forest peak". What do you think?

  2. I am very much interested about the ancestry of Simon Quilaton and Maria Ulay since I come from the Quilaton family tree

    1. Quilaton in this case was not a last name but a second name. Simon's children later adopted Oyangoren.

    2. Interesting, thanks. Never heard of using Quilaton as a second name.As far as i know,Quilaton is a family name originated in Dalaguete. Anyways, maybe this case is different.

    3. There were a few Quilatons in Argao. In this case (the Oyangorens) Quilaton was not used as a last name. I will try to send you the actual record showing the name Simon Quilaton. I just need to find it.

  3. Im Marjorie Oyangoren from ARGAO God Grandfather is Gregorio Oyangoren