History Matters


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004 Leon Kilat, His Racial Classification, and Anting-Anting
005 President Fidel Valdez Ramos
006 The Marcoses and Maid in Malacanang
007 Cebu Governors A Family Affair
008 The Americans in Cebu
009 Sugar Shortages Then and Now
010 September 8- End of War with America and Peace with Japan
011 The Queen and I
012 September 21 from a Foreign Perspective
013 St. Michael and the Town of Argao
014 October is Family History Month
015 Doing Your Filipino Family History
016 Is Your Surname “Original”
017 All About Principalia Ancestors
018 Causes of Death A Century Ago
019 The 1965 Elections and the 3 M's
020 President Elpidio Quirino
021 Narciso Claveria was more than just About Surnames
022 We Need More on Andres Bonifacio
023 Filipinas and the Right to Vote
024 Cebu's Second Spanish Mestizo Governor
025 Chief Justice Corona, Curses, and Court Cases
026 Rizals in 2022
027 The New Year, Unity, and Onion Prices
028 Two Caviteños’ Incarcerations, A Century Apart
029 The Sinulog and the Family of Hari
030 Chinese Lunar New Year and Tsinoy Surnames
031 The Man Who Started the Philippine
032 Death Penalty in Recent History-Submission
033 Love Names in Philippine History
034 Operation Benjamin, President Quezon, and Living History
035 Fire and History
036 Transport Strikes in Philippine History
037 Genetics, History, and the Magellan Project
038 Sulu, Sultan, and Sovereignty
039 Josephine Bracken and Women
040 Santo Entierro: A Family’s Holy Week Tradition
041 How Were Jose Rizal and Leonor Rivera Related
042 The Sotto Family of the Philippines
043 Adelantado de Filipinas
044 The Misunderstood Remedios Trinidad Romualdez
045 Felix Y. Manalo: From Taguig to Top Three Religion
046 Juana OsmeƱa: An Interesting Mother
047 Cebu's First Governor
048 Genetic Genealogy: Using DNA to Prove History
049 Last Words on Pres. Osmeña's Father
050 Of Fathers and Heroes
051 The Flash and All My Father
052 VP Sara and the Myth of the Jewish Ancestor
053 July 4 and the Issue of Independence