Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ten Facts About the Catalogo

I never get tired from poring over my copy of the Catalogo Alfabetico de Apellidos. Maybe because every time I flip open this amazing compilation I find new ways to inform those who are interested in genealogy about things in the Catalogo. So here are some of the basic things one needs to know with regard to the Catalogo:

1. The Catalogo has 141 pages total.
2. There is approximately a total of 60,288 surnames in the  Catalogo.
3. Each page of the Catalogo is divided into 6 columns.
4. On a full page, there are 72 surnames per column, which means one full page has 432 surnames per page.
5. There are only 23 letters represented in the Catalogo; there is no I, K, W, and X. There are entries for the Spanish letter Ll.
6. The most numerous surnames begin with the letters C and B; C has 5,560 surnames while B has 5,362 surnames.
7. The letter with the least surnames are the letters Z and LL; Ll has 114 surnames while Z has 213.
8. In order, these are the number of surnames for each letter:
9. The first surname in the Catalogo is AACAIN, while the last surname is ZURRAR.
10. To get an idea of what type of surnames were included in the Catalogo, see below for the first surname that appeared for each letter. Note that first surname for letters T and V are not clear.

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