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Argao Families: The Alberts

ALBER / ALBERT, masculine noun, Spanish from Germanic, patronymic surname, Original Argawanon Surname. Derived from the Germanic name Adalbert, in turn composed of the elements adal, meaning "noble" and beraht, which means "bright". 

The Argawanon last names ALBER and ALBERT are variants of the Spanish last names of Albert, Alberti, Albertin, and Alberto. Because Alber does not appear in the Catalogo Alfabetico de Apellidos it is very likely that the original intended surname adopted was ALBERT. Curiously, the earliest form that appeared in records was Alber. This is most likely due to the fact that the earliest Argawanons were not yet used to using surnames as also probably due to the illiteracy of the early Argawanons. The name continued to shift from Alber to Albert until the members of the different branches stuck to Albert by the coming of the Americans. As a family the Alberts were one of the smallest in Spanish period Argao and continues to be a small family until today. It also produced three cabezas de barangay between the years 1873 to 1890. Click here for more.

A full history of the ALBERT family up to the present is available. Please contact the genealogist if interested. 

NOTE: When in parenthesis, the person did not have a surname during his/her lifetime.


(1) Bonifacio Ygnacio ALBER & Maria Laorencia Artiaga

Bonifacio Ygnacio (Alber / Albert) was born sometime in the last quarter of the eighteenth century. He married Maria Laorencia (later surnamed Artiaga) sometime in the late 1700s and they had three sons:

A. Agustin Eduardo Albert, who married Maria Liberata Arogong. They had four children and their descendants carry the last names Albert and Gella.
B. Eugenio Albert, who married Potenciana Albofera. They had five children and their descendants carry the last names Albert and Camposo.
C. Bernardino Albert, who married Guillerma Camello. Their descendants carry the last names Albert, Alcarez, and Sepulveda.

(2) Leonardo Cipriano ALBER & Liberata Pangga

Leonardo Cipriano Alber was obviously closely related to Bonifacio Ygnacio, though the relationship could not be established for now. He was born on October 5, 1822 and his descendants carry the last names Albert and Artiaga.

ALBERT Family Name Distribution in Argao (as of 2011)

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