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Argao Families: The Almirantes

ALMIRANTE, m.n., Sp., from Ara., Occ., OAN.  The name is derived from the Spanish word almirante, the title of the general officer who commands a fleet, or subdivision of a fleet. The origin of the word is undoubtedly Arabic. In the 12th century the Mediterranean states which had close relations with the Moslem powers on the shores or in the islands of that sea, found the title amir or emir in combination with other words used to describe men in authority; the amir-al-mumenin—prince of the faithful—or al-bahr—commander of the sea. They took the substantive “amir” and the article “al” to form one word, “amiral” or “ammiral” or “almirante”.

The surname Almirante is one of the Argawanon families that has branched from the Ceballos family is one of the 700 plus family names adopted in the town in accordance with the Claveria decree of 1849.. Its earliest lines began with Francisco Geronimo from the late 1700s. All Almirantes from Argao are from his son Miguel Francisco and his wife Basilisa Ceballos. Miguel Francisco's only sibling, Eugenia Francisca, married Martin Leonardo. Their family later adopted the surname Geldore. One member of the family, Antonio A. Almirante, Jr., a great-great-great-great-grandson of Francisco Geronimo, was mayor of Argao from 1972 until 1986 and later served as of Cebu's provincial board members. One of his daughters, Annabelle "Bootsie" Almirante, currently sits as one of Argao's municipal councilors.

NOTE: When in parenthesis, the person did not yet have a surname when he/she lived.


All Almirantes can be traced to Francisco Geronimo (Almirante) & Maria Magdalena - circa late 1790s. They had two children:

(1) Miguel Francisco (Almirante) m. Basilisa CeballosThey had the following children:

A. Lazaro Miguel Almirante m. Julia Savidor - descendants carry the last name Almirante.
B. Pantaleona Almirante - no issue.
C. Felipe Almirante m. Crisanta Policher  - descendants carry the last name Almirante.
D. Anacleta Almirante  - descendants carry the last name Almirante.
E. Margarita Almirante m. Silverio ORTIZA -  - descendants carry the last name Ortiza. 

(2) Eugenia Francisca (Almirante) m.Martin Leonardo (GELDORE)They had the following issue:

A. Basilio Geldore m. (1) Petrona Umeres & (2) Maxima Oyangoren - descendants carry the last name Almirante.
B. Maria Juana Geldore m. Juan Hilario ALCALA - descendants carry the last name Alcala.
C. Juan Geldore m. Ysabel Cambalon - descendants carry the last name Almirante.
D. Antonio Geldore m. Marcela Cambalon - descendants carry the last name Almirante.
E. Tomas Geldore m. Melquiadesa Saniel - descendants carry the last name Almirante.

ALMIRANTE Family Name Distribution in Argao (as of 2011)

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