Friday, February 26, 2021

Top 50 Surnames of Valenzuela City

The city of Valenzuela is bordered by Quezon City and northern Caloocan City to the east; Malabon City and southern Caloocan City to the south; Obando, Bulacan to the west; and Meycauayan City, Bulacan to the north.

It is known as the “Northern Gateway to Metropolitan Manila” due to two major highways traversing it – the MacArthur Highway and the North Luzon Expressway. Because of its proximity to the cities of Manila, Quezon, and Caloocan, this once idyllic town has been transformed into a bustling, highly urbanized city. Small and large-scale industries like food products, metals, plastics, and textiles flourish in the area, which are all contributory to the town’s accelerated economic growth. The continued physical development in the city brought it more fame and fortune, enabling it to earn the reputation of being an “economic miracle of the decade.” This industrial development also provided a rich source of employment to the growing labor force, thereby, further uplifting the economic status of the residents. (from

Valenzuela has 57,729 registered surnames (although many of these are variants of the same surname). 


  1. Hello, I’ve been enjoying looking through your blog. I’ve been so curious about my last name, Desamparado, do you have any info about this, or can you recommend any sources to look further? Thanks