Saturday, March 10, 2018

Davao Genealogy: Top 50 Surnames of Davao City

Six days before the Araw ng Dabaw, we dedicate this third in the Davao Genealogy series in presenting the top 50 last names of the city. Just like the cities of Cebu and Manila, Davao, being a melting pot of so many cultures and migrations since its foundation, has in its list of  top 50 surnames common last names that can be found in almost any major metropolis in the country.

Its top 50 common last names are all almost part of the top 50 common surnames of the Philippines. Fernandez, Davao's most common last name, is the Philippines's 13th most common. Flores, Davao's 2nd, is the Philippines's 7th. In fact, 31 of Davao's Top 50 surnames are also included in the Philippines's Top 50. Davao City, then, is truly a melting pot of different families.

It is those surnames that do not appear as common in most cities in the country that should be studied further. For instance, Bustamante, Davao's top 21, is already the country's 266th most common. Clearly, this family is somewhat unique (though not completely unique) in Davao. As many know, Bustamante is one of the pioneering families of Davao City. It is interesting that from among the founding families of Davao City: Bangoy, Alzate, Bustamante, Palma Gil, Lizada, and others, Bustamante alone has produced enough progeny to be included in the top 50 most common last names in the city.

Of course, that takes more research. For now, enjoy this list of Davao's top 50 most common last names!

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