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Argao Families: The Miñozas

General Alejo Nazareno Minosa
MIÑOZA, m.n., Spanish from Galician or Latin, Toponym. Derived from the Spanish word miñosa, which has two possible origins. It could be a variation from the Portuguese minhoca, in turn from the Galician moñoca, which means "earthworm". It may also be of Latin origin from the word minium, which refers to a red dye.

As a family name it only appeared in Argao, Cebu sometime in 1859 when Maximiano Miñosa migrated to Argao. He married an Argawanon, Eusebia Nazareno. Maximiano and Eusebia later went back to Cebu City where their five children were born and raised. His first cousin, maestro Cornelio Miñosa, was assigned to Argao in 1873 as the pueblo's schoolteacher for boys. The Miñosa family was a prominent middle-class family from Talamban, Cebu. A son of Maximiano, Alejo, was an active general  in Cebu in the revolution against Spain while Cornelio and two of his sons were three of the leaders in the revolution in the southern portion of Cebu. 

The original spelling of the name was Miñosa, though most present-day members use a "z" instead of an "s".


(1) Maximiano Miñosa & Eusebia Nazareno - married in 1860, had three daughters and two sons. Descendants carry the last name of Miñosa.

(2) Don Cornelio Miñosa & Saturnina Albores - married in 1873. Saturnina Albores was the niece of Eusebia Nazareno. Cornelio and Saturnina had the following children:

A. Don Antonio Miñosa m. (1) Loreto Lucero & (2) Nemesia Lucero-Villanueva Diez - descendants in Argao and Mindanao carry the last name Miñosa.
B. Gen. Bonifacio Miñosa m. Sabina Kintanar - no issue.
C. Apolinar Miñosa m.  (1) Margarita Cabrera, (2) Francisca Lucero, (3) Gallendo - descendants carry the last name Miñosa.
D. Sotera Miñosa
E. Eudosia Miñosa

(3) Florentino Miñosa & Ysabel Escalante - married in 1902. Florentino later followed his older brother Cornelio to Argao. In the same manner as his brother and first cousin, Florentino also married into the Nazareno-Albores family by marrying Ysabel Escalante, who was also a niece of Eusebia Nazareno and a first cousin of Saturnina. They had two sons.

MIÑOZA Family Name Distribution in Argao (as of 2011)

A full history of the Miñosa family is available. Please contact the genealogist if interested. 


  1. Florentino Miñosa & Ysabel Escalante had five sons. Two died very young. Three lived to adulthood. One had no children and two had descendants in the Phillipines and the US.

  2. Can you trace if we are relatives? My grand father lived in carcar,cebu and his name was Patricio Enanoria Minoza

    1. My grandmother is a Miñoza.My father is an Miñoza,and almost half of our barangay are Miñoza's including me.I dont know if you meant "Miñoza" or "Minoza".By the way my Grandmothers name is Uh-ai Miñoza.Notify me!

  3. Hi i think iam part of ur family side my jarika minoza from fort providence north west territoire
    We dont know each other my great grandpa willem minoza he pass on

  4. Hi Minoza (enye) from Mindanao.

  5. Thanks for this article. Hahahaha I always say na nagkamali lang yung ninuno ko sa pagsulat for drifting away sa original spelling na miñoza cause I thought dahil mas prominent at common sila at yun ang talagang pinanggalingan. But, I was wrong. Miñosa palang talaga with “s” ang tama. 🥰