Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Surname Spotlight: Acuña

ROSARIO ACUÑA, mother of President Manuel A. Roxas. She brought up Manuel on her own because her husband, Gerardo, died before their son was born.

Acuña is a Spanish surname, derived from the Galician surname Acuña, in turn a derivation of the words (a) cuña, which means, “wedge”. Cuña is derived from the Latin word cuneus, which means the same.

Historically, the Acuña surname began with Don Pelayo Fruela, the son or grandson of Don Aznar Fruela, who in turn was a son of King Fruela II of the Kingdom of Leon. Don Pelayo Fruela took Acuña surname after a place of the same name near Sierra de la Estrella, in Portugal.

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