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Argao Families: The Abears

The ABEAR family name of Argao, Cebu is one of the 700 plus family names adopted in the town in accordance with the Claveria decree of 1849. The farthest traceable ancestors of the family go back to the mid to late 1700s; however, due to the fact that it was a rather large family there are four distinct lines that can be considered its earliest lines (difficult to connect to each other though still obvious these were related).

NOTE: When in parenthesis, the person did not yet have a surname when he/she lived.


(1) Lucas Cinco & Maria Francisca (c. 1740s) - extinct in the male line, descendants through female line;

A. Lucas Bautista (Abear) - no descendants
B. Valentina Cinco (Abear) - married Guillermo CAMERINO

(2) Manuel Bernardo (Abear) & Maria Clara (Monte) (c. 1730s) - male line continues today;

A. Geronimo Maurillo (MONTE) - descendants carry Monte last name
B. Gregorio Marciano (DE LA CERNA) - descendants carry dela Cerna last name
C. Susana Salome Abear - married Guillermo Constantino CALDERON
D. Prospero Abear - descendants carry Abear last name

(3) Josefa Yldeonza (Abear) & Francisco Alverto (Flores) (c. 1760) - no male line, but ALL Floreses of Argao are Abears due to her;

(4) Feliz Abear & Casimira Legaspi (b. 1810) - probably son of Manuel Bernardo, but no record to prove this. Male line continues today.

A. Adriano Abear - descendants carry Abear last name
B. Martin Abear - descendants carry Abear last name
C. Mateo Abear - descendants carry Abear last name
D. Magdalena Abear - married Don Jose SANIEL
E. Teresa Abear - married Don Ciriaco ABALLE
F. Francisco Abear - descendants carry Abear last name
G. Julian Abear - descendants carry Abear last name
H. Gregoria Abear - married Mamerto ESPINA
I. Jacinta Abear - married Mariano SARDA (eldest son, Mariano, carried the last name Abear)

Abear family distribution in Argao (as of 2011)

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To trace your own ABEAR family tree, contact the genealogist. 

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  1. The Mariano Abear here was the Mayor? And was it his daughter who married Carlos Montenegro?