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Argao Families: The Aballes

(Don Julio Llorente y Aballe)
ABALLE, , m.n., Spanish, from Latin, Toponym, Original Argawanon Surname. A variant of other Hispanic surnames such as Del Valle, Avalle, and Valle.  Refers to “one coming from a valley”, or “living near a valley”.  The word valle is derived from the Latin Vallis, which means “valley”.

The ABALLE family name of Argao, Cebu is one of the 700 plus family names adopted in the town in accordance with the Claveria decree of 1849. The family today can be traced to 4 separate lines, but it can be safely concluded that all Aballes of Argao, Cebu came from one person, Jose Patricio (Aballe), who was born sometime 1720-30. The other lines just do not have enough records to show how they descend from this patriarch. One descendant of the family was Don Julio Llorente, who became the first governor of the province of Cebu in 1901.

NOTE: When in parenthesis, the person did not yet have a surname when he/she lived.


(1) Jose Patricio (Aballe) & Maria Diocno (surname probably AGUIRRE) - the family's patriarch and matriarch.
A. Santiago (Aguirre) - descendants carry the last name AGUIRRE
B. Josef Victoriano (Aballe) - more than 75% of Aballes come from his 4 sons, who were Leoncio Victoriano (Aballe), Tiburcio Victoriano (Aballe), Joaquin Victoriano (Aballe), and Donato Aballe.
C. Agapito Patricio (Aballe) - descendants carry the last name Aballe.

(2) Maria Pascuala Aballe & Maximo Castro CAMERO - descendants carry the last name CAMERO;

(3) Valeriano Aballe & Nicolasa Camelo - most likely a grandson of Jose Patricio. Descendants through his only son, Celedonio Aballe, carry the last name Aballe.

(4) Ysidro Mauricio (Aballe) &Maria Laorencia - most likely another son or perhaps a brother of Jose Patricio. Extinct in the male line. His only child, Maria Florentina (Aballe) married Francisco Ambrosio (Perez). Descendants carry the Perez last name.

Note: One of Ysidro Mauricio (Aballe)'s granddaughters, Maria Ines Perez, married Tiburcio Victoriano (Aballe), a grandson of Jose Patricio (Aballe). Their daughter, Martina Aballe y Perez, married the Spaniard Ceferino Llorente and they in turn became the parents of Don Julio Llorente, Cebu's first provincial governor.

ABALLE family distribution in Argao (as of 2011)

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