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Argao Families: The Albisos

ALBISO. One of the original 750 surnames adopted in Argao in accordance with the 1849 Claveria decree. The surname appeared as ALBIZU in the Catalogo Alfabetico de Apellidos though this spelling was never used in Argao. From 1849 until the coming of the Americans the spelling of the last name has always been consistently "Albiso".

As a surname it is a variant of the Spanish last name Albizo, itself derived from the Basque name Albiasu. The word albiasu is a contraction of the words albitz, which means "hay", and tsu, which means "many". Thus, Albiso can be translated as "haystack". Some translations include "rocky ground" or "stony place".

The Albiso family most likely began in the lower half of Argao, most particularly in the southwestern portion. As the current distribution of the last name indicates the family most likely began in the barrios of Canbantug, Balaas, and Cansuje.  However, by the time of the Claveria decree the family was quite scattered throughout Argao, thereby making it a bit difficult to connect every line to each other. From available records most Albisos from Argao can be traced to any of 5 distinct lines.

Most of its members today use the spelling "Albiso" though some members spell it as either Albeso and Alvizo.

For more information on the Albiso family of Argao, please contact the genealogist.

NOTE: When in parenthesis, the person did not have a surname during his/her lifetime.


(1) Francisco Lembago (Albiso) & Maria Juanica. Franisco Lembago was born sometime in the mid-1700s. He and his wife Maria Juanica had one documented child, Pedro Protacio, who married Juana Maricuel. They had the following children:

A.     Antonio Protasio Albiso, who married Maria Domingila Sarona. They had the following children:
a.      Liberato Albiso, who married Martina Mangala
b.      Cristiano Albiso, who married (1) Vicenta Llerin and (2) Basilia Bajenting
c.      Dionisio Protasio Albiso, who married Maria Juliana Cambe
d.      Adelina Protasia Albiso, who married Mateo Cornelio ALCASAR
e.      Serafino Albiso, who married Isidora Bajenting

B.     Tomas Protacio Albiso, who married Maria Luisa Llena. They had the following children:
a.      Calisto Agustin Albiso, Cecilia Petrona Mamac
b.      Agustin Claodio Albiso, Maria Dionisia Allaoan
c.      Simeon Albiso, Eleuteria Villegas

C.    Julian Albiso, who married Barbara Tapinit. The surname Albiso is extinct in his line as all his children were women. His descendants carry the last names Mamonong (2 lines) and Morcillos.

(2) Agustin Fajardo & Catalina Sarceda. Agustin Fajardo was most likely a brother or first cousin of Francisco Lembaga (see #1). He was born in the mid0-1700s. He and his wife had one daughter, Manuela Albiso, who married Ygnacio SARDONCILLO. This is another extinct Albiso line.

(3) Tomas Pedro Albiso & Serafina Gicale. Born sometime in the late 1700s, Tomas Pedro is a possible son of Francisco Lembago. He and his wife had four children:

A.     Victoriano Albiso, who married Adriana Omboy.
B.     Alipia Albiso, who married Candelario PANERIO
C.    Hermogenes Albiso, who married Tranquilina Gelera
D.    Balbina Albiso, who married Toribio SARONA.

(4) Andres Hilario Albiso & Cecilia Florencia. Most likely a son of Pedro Protacio (see #1). He was born in the early 1800s and he and his wife had one child:

A.     Pablo Protacio Albiso, who married Maria Dorotea Amarillo. They had 8 children, all of whom have descendants today:

a.      German Albiso, who married Maxima Egona
b.      Victor Albiso, who married Lucia Geagonia
c.      Yanuario Albiso, who married Juana Pangcug
d.      Ysidora Albiso, who married Anacleto GEVANA
e.      Francisca Albiso, who married Francisco TEMPLA
f.        Severina Albiso, who married Santos MANELA
g.      Gregorio Albiso, who married Maria Manela
h.      Domingo Albiso, who married Timotea Gemenes

(5) Fruto Albiso & Gregoria Revilla. They had two children:

A.     Antonio Albiso, who married Celedonia Cambarijan. They had the following children:

a.      Cresencia Albiso
b.      Valeriana Albiso
c.      Montano Albiso, married Nicolasa Parantar
d.      Eustaquia Albiso, married Cenon FAMOR

B.     Mateo Albiso, who married Leocadia Cambarijan. They had one son:

a.      Fausto Albiso, who married Feliciana Camporedondo.

 ALBISO Family Name Distribution in Argao (as of 2011)


  1. Hi Todd,
    Thank you so much in behalf of all the Albiso/Alvizo clan. I am from Colawin and i will try now to connect from our very root since we all know that our family names were scattered.Although our elders were gone away and we are now in a new generation i will try using the Family name of our grandfather which is in your list we belong in No.(3)
    Again, thank you so much and i really appreciate it...
    Best Regards,
    Mylah(Albiso)Alvizo Puerto

  2. wow! It felt great knowing these facts :)

  3. Hello, I was wondering if our roots can be traced. My lolo's middle name is Zamora. his name is Melanio Zamora Albiso... they are raised in Argao.

  4. Oh my!, the names of my father and my grandfather is here. I am from Albiso (Alviso) clan but I don't know which are my ancestors. Really amazed knowing the origin of my blood from 1700's

  5. from bohol but my mother is raise in liloy zamboanga del norte...shes a decendant from potenciana albiso ignacio albiso and simeona albiso...i was assigned here in dumanjug cebu