Friday, March 2, 2012

Retrospect on the (failed) Davide Impeachment: Tangled Webs of Families & Intrigues

Entanglements of Philippine Politics & Families (Click to enlarge)

What did President Arroyo, Ping Lacson, Erap Estrada, Imelda Marcos, Danding Cojuangco, Ace Durano, and Nerissa Soon-Ruiz have in common other than all being involved in the Davide impeachment, one way or the other? Well, they all also happened to be related to each other, in one way or the other.

President Gloria Arroyo, alleged to be behind the Davide impeachment, is married to Miguel Arroyo, of the infamous JOSE PIDAL CONTROVERSY, whose own grandfather, Jose Maria PIDAL Arroyo, was married to a Lacson, who also happened to be related to Senator Panfilo Lacson, whose KURATONG BALELENG case was reoppened by Davide. The first gentleman is similarly a cousin of Aranetas, whose one member, Greggy, is married to Irene Marcos, daughter of Imelda Marcos, who also received a negative SC ruling on her SWISS ACCOUNTS at that time. Irene's sister, Imee, married Tommy Manotoc, whose mother was the sister of the wife of Geny Lopez, whose family also received a blow from the Supreme Court because of its MERALCO RULING.

Another Lopez, Beaver, married Jackie Ejercito, daughter of deposed President Joseph Estrada, whose ouster was legalized by an SC ruling declaring GMA's presidency constitutional in 2001. Meanwhile, Imelda's first cousin, Danieling Romualdez, married Pacita Gueco, first cousin of Ninoy, whose marriage to Cory Cojuangco made him related him to Danding Cojuangco, another recipient of a negative SC ruling, this time on the COCO LEVY FUNDS. His nephew, Rep. Teodoro, was another signatory. Imelda's marriage to Ferdinand Marcos goes on to relate her to FVR, who was Marcos' 2nd cousin. FVR's stepmother Alfonsita Lucero vda. de Ramos's cousin Januaria Cabrera married an Osmena, whose cousin married a cousin of Ace Durano, another signatory of the impeachment rap against Davide. Another fourth cousin of Alfonsita, James Lucero, married Nazarena Soon, the sister of Nerissa Soon-Ruiz, still another impeachment signatory.

It seemed really astounding that all those involved in the Davide impeachment were related, but what was more astonishing was that they were all also related to the man they tried to remove from office. How? Well, FVR's stepmom is also the fourth cousin of the embattled Chief Justice, both coming from Don Agustin Cristobal Bayot of Argao, Cebu, who is both their great-great-great-grandfather.

Who says genealogy is boring?


This was originally titled Tangled Webs of Families & Intrigues and published in my older website.

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