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Argao Families: The Alcazarens

Rep. Juan F. Alcazaren
ALCAZAREN, m.n., Spanish from Arabic, Toponimic., Original Argawanon Name. An almost similar last name as Alcazar, it is taken from a Spanish word Alcazarén, which is a geographical surname referring to a municipality in the province of Valladolid, Spain.  It is derived from the Arabic word al-qasrayn, which means “the two castles”.

The ALCAZAREN family of Argao is one of the original 700 plus last names in Argao adopted during the 1849 Claveria decree, appearing as "Alcazaren" on page 4 of the Catalogo Alfabetico de Apellidos. The family name was also spelled as Alcasaren in church records in Argao. It also appears to have the same root or a very close relation to the Alcasar family. The family rose into prominence in 1925 when Juan Fuentes Alcazaren, a great-great-grandson of Francisco Nicolas (Alcazaren), was elected into the Philippine legislature. Juan's sister, Agapita Alcazaren, married Vicente Kintanar, the first mayor of Argao after World War II.

As a last name it is one of the families with very few members. Even today it only appears in 9 out of the 45 barangays of Argao.

A full history of the ALCAZAREN family is available. Please contact the genealogist if interested. 

NOTE: When in parenthesis, the person did not have a surname during his/her lifetime.


ALL Alcazarens of Argao may be traced to one couple, FRANCISCO VICENTE (ALCAZAREN) and MARIA MONICA (CAMANYAN). Francisco Vicente (Alcazaren) was born about 1795 and died 1876. was the son of Francisco Nicolas (Alcazaren) and Maria Rustica.

Francisco Vicente (Alcazaren) and Maria Monica (Camanyan) had the following children:

(1) Alejandra Alcazaren, who married Agapito Carreon. Their descendants carry the last name Carreon.

(2) Candido Francisco Alcazaren, who married Maria Gregoria Llevado. Their descendants carry the last names Alcazaren, Llevado, Albarracin, and Remorosa.

(3) Edurado Alcazaren, who married Hilaria Lovitos. Their descendants carry the last name Alcazaren.

(4) Hermenegildo Francisco Alcazaren, who married Maria Rita Sardoma. Their descendants carry the last names Alcazaren and Alberca.

ALCAZAREN Family Name Distribution in Argao (as of 2011)

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  1. thanks for posting!! kintanars, Llevados Carreons and Alcazars are possibly relatives.. hmmm!